miércoles, 13 de febrero de 2008

Engagement Ring

Are more than just jewelry, they are a symbol of love, fidelity, commitment, eternity and honor. That's why they are so important for a girl to get one of those from the one she loves.

Last friday, I got one of those. I am so excited and at the same time I am really nervous, my life is about to change in a way that had never changed before. I will no more be behind my parents arms and protection. I have been living at the same house all my life and now, I will change for the first time. I will separate from all the ones I love the most: my complete family. At the same time I was looking forward for this moment, the time where I can start a new life, a new family, all of my own and with the person I love the most: my dear boyfriend: Fernando. I can't wait to let this happen... I love you my sweet...

I thank to God, over than anyone that has give me the opportunity to enjoy this moment. In a time were there's no much joy, we have left hope and nobody can take away that from us. I know that my God has approve this and He is sustaining me and I can't ask for more, that's all I need, that's enough to me. I hope that you all can feel the same way some day. God bless you.

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